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Chicken Thighs with Feta Cheese, Dill, Lemon and Harissa Yoghurt

13 September 2021

A super simple one-pan dish from the brilliant ‘From the Oven to the Table’ by Diana Henry. The lemon and dill really lift the dish and the harissa yoghurt is delicious.

There is not much prep involved and once it is in the oven all you need to do is prepare a mixed salad or a side of greens and you’re done.

If you can, use the red onions suggested instead of white ones as they are higher in a group of antioxidant compounds called polyphenols which research suggests may help prevent a number of degenerative diseases.

Waxy new potatoes, for example, Charlotte potatoes, work well here (just scrubbed not peeled to prevent loss of nutrients) as they release their sugar more slowly than larger potato varieties such as Maris Piper.

Full recipe on Delicious Magazine: